Greece 200 drachmas 1996

Greece 200 drachmas 1996 200 drachmas
Obverse of Greece 200 drachmas 1996
Krause - Mishler KM# P204
Details Deep orange on multicolored underprint

Obverse: R. Velestinlis-Feraios and Feraios again singing his patriotic song
Rigas-Fereos (Velestinlis) was a forerunner and leading figure of the Greek enlightenment and confederation. He was the first to visualize the liberation of the Balkans from the Ottoman Empire and was executed by the Ottomans in 1798 after vainly attempting to launch a Balkan-wide revolt against Ottoman rule

Reverse: Secret school run by Greek priests during the Ottoman occupation

Watermark: Bust of Philip of Macedonia
Philip II of Macedon was an ancient Greek king until his assassination in 336 and father of Alexander the Great and Philip III.

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