Euro Starter Kits

Euro starter kits are packs of euro coins of all the eight denominations sealed in a plastic bag. The scope of these kits is primarily to familiarise the citizens of that nation that is going to join the eurozone with the new currency, the euro. Another objective is to fill up cash registers well in advance of E-Day. Usually these kits are available from the local banks some weeks before the euro changeover.

Most countries limited the availability of starter packs to one per person, although some countries may have allowed slightly more. There was a danger that if they were handed out in unlimited quantities to individuals, the supplies could run out, and this would have disrupted the education programme.

Mainly there are two types of starter packs; business starter kits and kits for the general public. The difference is in the amount of the coins per pack. Business kits are intended for retailers, thereby they contain around 100 euro or more of coins and are normally contained in rolls, whereas, the mini-starter kits are intended for the general public and usually these kits have a small volume of coins.

San Marino was the only country not to issue a euro starter kit.