Greece 50 drachmai 1978

Greece 50 drachmai 1978 50 drachmai
Obverse of Greece 50 drachmai 1978
Krause - Mishler KM# P199
Details Blue on multicolored underprint

Obverse: Poseidon
In Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea and, as 'Earth-Shaker,' of earthquakes. The name of the god Nethuns in Etruscan was adopted in Latin for Neptune in Roman mythology: both were sea gods analogous to Poseidon.

Reverse: Sailing ship, man and woman

Watermark: Head of Charioteer Polyzalos of Delphi
The Charioteer, also known as Heniokhos (the rein-holder), is one of the best-known statues surviving from Ancient Greece, and is considered one of the finest examples of ancient bronze statues. The life-size statue of a chariot driver was found in 1896 at the Sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi, and it is now in the Delphi Archaeological Museum.

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