Greece Mykonos - Delos 2013

Greece Mykonos - Delos 2013 Greece Mykonos - Delos 2013
Obverse of Greece Mykonos - Delos 2013
Details One of the first Greek islands to embrace tourism, Mykonos was a choice destination for visitors in ever - increasing numbers as early as the 1960s. Today, Mykonos is Greece's most cosmopolitan island and received visitors year - round.

A few miles from Mykonos lies the tiny island of Delos, sacred in antiquity for being the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis and listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. Uninhabited today and unharmed by any modern construction, Delos preserves much of its sacrity as an archaeological site that boasts numerous classical, Hellenistic and Romain antiquities.
Mintage 20,000 pieces
Issue price 15.00 euros

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