Malta Official Blister 2012

Obverse of Malta Official Blister 2012
Details The Official 2012 Blister contains the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cent coins and 1, 2 euros, as well as a 2 euros commemorative coin. Malta started a series of five €2 commemorative coins, all related to the Maltese constitutional history. The first coin was released in 2011 and the last coin will be minted in 2015.

The inner part of the commemorative coin depicts eight men in front of the Maltese Parliament, in Valleta. On the upper part of the coin the legend MALTA - Majority Representation 1987 is inscripted.On the lower part of the coins the year of the coinage(2012) is minted. The twelve stars of the European Union surround the design on the outer ring of the coin.

The designs of the Maltese coins was decided by public consultation in two rounds. The results of the first round voting were The Baptism of Christ in St John's Co-Cathedral, Malta's Coat of Arms and Mnajdra Temple Altar. During the second phase, the public was asked to choose the actual designs for the euro coins from the four mock ups produced by the designer. The results of the second round were Maltese cross, followed by the Coat of arms of Malta and the Mnajdra Temples.
Mintage 50,000 pieces
Issue price 35.00 euros

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