Slovakia Official Blister - Bardejov 2014

Obverse of Slovakia Official Blister - Bardejov 2014
Details This BU Set is dedicated to the World cultural heritage UNESCO in Slovakia - Bardejov. Bardejov

The historical gem of eastern Slovakia, Bardejov is today mainly known for its outstanding old town square. Historically its real birth originated in a royal plan to revive an area raided by Mongols up to the 13th century. Over the next hundred years, the town was enriched materially by an influx of German colonists invited by the king, and fortified militarily – both of which set the tone for the town’s appearance up to the present.

Slovak 1 and 2 euro coins depict the "Double Cross in the middle of Three Hills" designed by Ivan Rehak. The coins with a nominal value of 50, 20 and 10 euro cents depict the Bratislava Castle designed by Jan Cernaj and Pavol Karoly, and coin 1 - 5 cents depict the artistic design of Krivan designed by Drahomir Zobek.
Mintage 3,000 pieces

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