Vatican Official Blister 2017

Vatican Official Blister 2017 Vatican Official Blister 2017
Obverse of Vatican Official Blister 2017
Details The Official Vatican 2017 BU set contains all 8 circulating euro coins (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and 1, 2 euros) of the Vatican, struck to brilliant uncirculated quality. The set of coins are housed in the official Vatican City coin folder, that opens to become a display card for the set. On the front is the official seal of the Vatican.

This year the design of the coins changes and the portrait of the Pope is replaced by the Papal shield. Pope Francis is not the first to take the design to remove his portrait from the design of the Vatican coins. In 1970 Paul VI at the end of his pontificate also asked not to appear in the Vatican lire.

Since Pope Innocent III, each pope of the Catholic Church has had his own shield, which has served as his papacy's badge. Pope Francis has decided to preserve his previous shield, chosen since his episcopal consecration and characterized by a linear simplicity. On the shield, blue are the symbols of papal dignity. The top reflects the emblem of the Order of provenance of the Pope, the Society of Jesus: a radiant and flaming sun with letters, in red, IHS, monogram of Christ. Above the letter h there is a cross; On the tip, the three nails in black. At the bottom, the star and the flower of nard are seen. The star, according to the ancient heraldic tradition, symbolizes the Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ and the Church; The nard flower indicates Saint Joseph, patron of the universal Church. I

Issue date: 2 March 2017
Mintage 70,000 pieces
Issue price 37.00 euros

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