Belgium 2 euros 2013 - 100 Years of Royal Meteorological Institute (Colored)

Obverse of Belgium 2 euros 2013 - 100 Years of Royal Meteorological Institute
Krause - Mishler KM# 323
Details The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium is a Belgian federal institute of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO). It is located in Uccle and in Dourbes. The meteorological institute performs scientific research and provides public services on the sciences of the atmosphere and meteorological geophysics, hydrology, geomagnetism and magnetohydrodynamics.

The obverse of the coin displays in its centre the number 100 with the first zero encircling the abbreviations ‘KMI’ and ‘IRM’ and the second zero representing a sun. Isobars, raindrops and snowflakes are depicted to the left of the sun. The year ‘2013’ is displayed in the upper rays of the sun and the nationality ‘BE’ is indicated in the lower rays. The mark of the mint master and the mark of the Brussels mint, a helmeted profile of the Archangel Michael, are displayed under the ‘1’ of the number ‘100’.
Specifications Diameter - 25.75mm Thickness - 2.2mm Weight - 8.5gr
Composition BiAlloy (Nk/Ng), ring Cupronickel (75% copper - 25% nickel clad on nickel core), center Nickel brass
Edge Combination of the number 2 and ** repeated six times
Comments Date of issue: 20 September 2013

This coin has been artificially colorized

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