Cyprus 5 cents 2009 - The muflon

Obverse of Cyprus 5 cents 2009 - The muflon

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Krause - Mishler KM# 80
Details The coin shows the muflon, a species of wild sheep found on Cyprus and representative of the island's wildlife.

Mouflon were introduced to the islands of Corsica, Sardinia, Rhodes, and Cyprus during the neolithic period, perhaps as feral domesticated animals, where they have naturalized in the mountainous interiors of these islands over the past few thousand years, giving rise to the subspecies known as European mouflon (O. aries musimon).
Specifications Diameter - 21.25mm Thickness - 1.67mm Weight - 3.92gr
Composition Copper plated steel (94.35% steel - 5.65% copper)
Edge Smooth
Comments Designer: Erik Maell and Tatiana Soteropoulos
Mintage 5,985,000 pieces

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