France 2 euros 2013 - 150th Anniversary of Pierre de Coubertin's Birth

Obverse of France 2 euros 2013 - 150th Anniversary of Pierre de Coubertin's Birth
Krause - Mishler KM# 2102
Details The Fete de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, is a music festival taking place on June 21. The idea was first broached in 1976 by American musician Joel Cohen, then employed by the national French radio station France Musique. Cohen proposed an all-night music celebration at the moment of the summer solstice. The idea was taken up by French Music and Dance director Maurice Fleuret for Minister of Culture Jack Lang in 1981 and first took place in 1982 in Paris.

The inner part of the coin depicts a cheerful crowd (with the stylized image of a musical instrument and notes floating in the air) symbolizing the atmosphere of celebration on the Day of Music, which has been celebrated in France every summer solstice since 1981. The words Fete de la MUSIQUE and the date 21 JUIN 2011 appear in the centre of the drawing. At the top, slanting rightwards, are the words 30e ANNIVERSAIRE and the letters RF appear at the bottom.

Issue date: 3 June 2013
Specifications Diameter - 25.75mm Thickness - 2.2mm Weight - 8.5gr
Composition BiAlloy (Nk/Ng), ring Cupronickel (75% copper - 25% nickel clad on nickel core), center Nickel brass
Edge Combination of the number 2 and ** repeated six times
Mintage 1,000,000 pieces

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