Greece 10 euros 2010 - Sofia Vembo (Proof)

Obverse of Greece 10 euros 2010 - Sofia Vembo Reverse of Greece 10 euros 2010 - Sofia Vembo
Krause - Mishler KM# 237
Details Sofia Vembo was a leading Greek singer and actress active from the interwar period to the early postwar years and the 50s. She became best known for her performance of patriotic songs during the Greco-Italian War, when she was dubbed the "Songstress of Victory". Because of her role in the war and her efforts during the Axis occupation, she was awarded the rank of Major in the Greek Army.

The 10 euro silver coin commemorates the 100th aniversary of the birth of Sofia Vembo (1910-2010).
Specifications Diameter - 28.25mm Thickness - N/A Weight - 9.75gr
Composition Silver .925 (sterling)
Edge Spanish flower shape
Mintage 5,000 pieces

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