Greece 50 drachmas 1982 - Solon

Obverse of Greece 50 drachmas 1982 - Solon Reverse of Greece 50 drachmas 1982 - Solon
Krause - Mishler KM# 134
Details Solon (639-559 B.C.) was a celebrated Athenian lawgiver and thinker, one of the fabled Seven Sages of Ancient Greece. In 594, in response to social crises stemming from class conflict, Solon was elected first archon (supreme government leader). With his new powers, Solon acted to end the crisis by repealing the repressive laws of Draco, freeing those enslaved by debt, and restructuring the class system by dividing citizens into four income classes and allowing members of all four groups to share power in the assembly and courts. His sweeping reforms are considered by many to be the foundations of Athenian democracy
Specifications Diameter - 31mm Thickness - 2mm Weight - 12gr
Composition Copper 75%, Nickel 25%
Edge Smooth
Comments Engraver: V. Sampatakos
Mintage 18,899,000 pieces

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