Greece 500 drachmas 2000 - The Stadium

Obverse of Greece 500 drachmas 2000 - The Stadium Reverse of Greece 500 drachmas 2000 - The Stadium
Krause - Mishler KM# 175
Details The enchanting setting of ancient Olympia was chosen by the ancient Greeks as the place where the most glorious and renowned Pan-Hellenic games in antiquity were held in 776 BC, which gave birth to the modern Olympic games. One of the most important monuments of Olympia is the Crypt, a long and narrow vaulted passage through which the athletes and judges entered the Stadium, and which soon acquired its symbolic importance signifying the opening of the games
Specifications Diameter - 28.5mm Thickness - 1.98mm Weight - 9.54gr
Composition Copper 75%, Nickel 25% 75% copper - 25% nickel
Edge Smooth
Comments Engraver: Nikiforos Lytras
Mintage 4,000,000 pieces

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