Latvia 20 cents 2014 - Greater coat of arms of Latvia

Obverse of Latvia 20 cents 2014 - Greater coat of arms of Latvia

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Krause - Mishler KM# 154
Details The rising sun is a symbol of national sovereignty. It is the distinctive feature of the "Latvian riflemen", who fought against the Germans in the First World War. The three stars above the shield symbolise the union of the three Latvian cantons (Courland, Livonia and Latgale), which make up Latvia as we know it today. These regions are also depicted by a lion and a griffin. The Latvian national coat of arms was designed by the Latvian artist Rihards Zarins. The proper use of the Latvian coat of arms is firmly regulated. Three types of symbol are used — the large coat of arms, the small enhanced coat of arms and the small coat of arms.

  • The Large Coat of Arms is used by the President of Latvia, the Parliament, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet of Ministers, government ministries, the Supreme Court and Prosecutor General, as well as Latvian diplomatic and consular missions.
  • The Small Enhanced Coat of Arms is used by the Parliament agencies, the Cabinet of Ministers and other institutions under direct or indirect supervision of the government ministries.
  • The Small Coat of Arms is used by other government institutions, municipal authorities and educational institutions on official documents.
Specifications Diameter - 22.25mm Thickness - 2.14mm Weight - 5.74gr
Composition Nordic gold (89% copper - 5% aluminium - 5% zinc - 1% tin)
Edge Spanish flower shape
Comments Designer: Laimonis Senbergs
Mintage 35,000,000 pieces

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