Slovakia Starter Kit 2009

Obverse of Slovakia Starter Kit 2009
Details The Slovak Starter Kit was issued on 1 December 2008 , priced at SKK 500,09 (rounded down to SKK 500) and includes 45 coins:

Coin included in the Slovak Starter Kit: 5 x 1 cent, 5 x 2 cents, 5 x 5 cents, 6 x 10 cents, 8 x 20 cents, 8 x 50 cents, 6 x 1 euro, 2 x 2 euros

People waited in long lines in the Slovak Post branches, local commercial banks and National Bank of Slovakia, where the starter kits were available for purchase. Almost 90% of the Slovak starter kits were sold in the first five days, despite the inability to spend the money until January 1, 2009. The Slovak 1 and 2 euro coins depict the "Double Cross in the middle of Three Hills" designed by Ivan Rehak. The 10, 20 and 50 cents coins depict the Bratislava Castle designed by Jan Cernaj and Pavol Karoly, while the 1, 2 5 cents coins depict the artistic design of Krivan designed by Drahomir Zobek.
Mintage 1,200,000 pieces
Issue price 16.60 euros

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