Finland Euro Coins

Finnish euro coins have three designs, though two of them are each found on one coin only. Heikki Haivaoja was the designer of the Finnish euro coins for the minor and middle series of coins. Pertti Makinen is the designer of the Finnish 1 euro coin and Raimo Heino is the designer of the Finnish 2 Euro coin. Finnish euro coins 1999 - 2006 carry the mint mark M which is the initial of the mint master at The Mint of Finland, Raimo Makkonen. The euro production started as early as in the autumn 1998. Please take a look at The Mint of Finland.

The €0.01 and €0.02 coins are not used in Finland; only few were minted, for collectors. Due in large part to the inefficiency of producing and accepting the 1 cent and 2 cent coins, Finnish businesses and banks have employed a method known as "Swedish rounding" when tallying sums. While individual prices are still shown and summed up with € 0.01 precision, the total sum is then rounded to the nearest €0.05 when paying with cash. Thus, sums ending in €0.01, €0.02, €0.06 and €0.07 are rounded down to the nearest 5 cents, while sums ending in €0.03, €0.04, €0.08 and €0.09 are rounded up to the nearest 5 cents. The 1 cent and 2 cent coins are legal tender and are still minted for collector sets as required by the EMU (European Monetary Union) agreement.

Second series (2007–present)

In December 2006, the Bank of Finland announced the redesign of the national side in order to include the abbreviation of the country's name (FI for Finland). On Finnish coins the first letter of the Mint of Finland’s President and CEO (M for Raimo Makkonen) were also be replaced with the Mint's logo. The new coins were released into circulation in January 2007.

The Finnish 2 euro coin edge inscription

Type AThe edge of the Finnish euro coins
Type BThe edge of the Finnish euro coins
"SUOMI FINLAND" followed by three lion's heads - Due to the process of inscribing the edge, two "types" occur

Mintmarks on Finnish euro coins

MFrom 1999-2006 onward - represents the Finnish Mint director, Raimo Makkonen
FiFrom 2007 onward - represents the mint of Finland and replaces the first mintmark "M"
Finland Mintmark - logo of the Rahapaja Oy mintLogo of the Rahapaja Oy mint in Helsinki-Vantaa

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