Lithuanian Blisters

The following Official Blisters were issued in lithuania since the introduction of the Common European Currency on January 1, 2002. These annual sets are often dedicated to important people, important events and historic places, some times accompanied by commemroative coins or medals. The sets are also known to colectors as BU - Brilliant Uncirculated Sets, FDC - Fleur De Coin, Coffret in French and KMS - Kursmoenzensatze in German.

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Obverse of Official Blister KMS Set
Official Blister 2015

This is the first official mint set issued by Lithuania. It features all eight of the new euro coins and celebrates the country's entry into the eurozone. Designed by Antanas ┼Żukauskas the Lithuanian euro coins bear the symbol of the Lithuanian national emblem Vytis, as was the wish of the majority of the Lithuanian population. This wish was discovered ...

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2015 35,000 pieces - View
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