San Marino Euro Coins

The Republic of San Marino was granted the right to mint euro coins by virtue of their long-standing monetary agreements with the Italian government. Sammarinese euro coins feature separate designs for every coin. All the coins are inscribed with the words "San Marino" and the twelve stars of the EU. Please take a look at The San Marino National Mint.

The San Marino 2 euro coin edge inscription

The edge of the San Marino euro coins
The sequence "2 *" repeated six times alternately upright and inverted

Mintmarks on San Marino euro coins

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R Initials CH (Frantisek Chochola) Initials ELF (Ettore Lorenzo Frapiccini)
The letter 'R', for Rome The designer's initials CH (Frantisek Chochola) The engraver's initials ELF (Ettore Lorenzo Frapiccini)
INC is the Italian abbreviation for 'engraver'

New monetary agreement (2012)

According to the new monetary agreement with the European Union:

  • The annual ceiling for the issuance of euro coins by the Republic of San Marino shall be calculated by the Joint Committee as the sum of ...
    1. a fixed part, whose initial amount for the first year following the entry into force of the new Agreement is set at EUR 2.600.000. The Joint Committee may revise annually the fixed part with a view to taking into account both inflation — on the basis of the HICP inflation of Italy in the last 12 months for which the data are available at the moment of the calculation — and the possible significant trends affecting the euro coins collector market
    2. a variable part, corresponding to the average per capita coin issuance of the Italian Republic in the last 12 months for which the data are available multiplied by the number of inhabitants of San Marino
  • At least 70% of euro coins intended for circulation shall be put into circulation at face value as of the year follwing the entry into force of the new Agreement. This proportion shall reach 80 % after three years

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