Future goals and past achievements

During the past few years Fleur-de-coin.com has been experiencing a steady growth and we would like to thank all our users and customers for their help and continuous support. It is your efforts that have enabled this site to expand and improve in terms of both content and functionality.

YearPageviews / dayCoin Collectors
2008850960+ 33,89%260243
200912001279+ 33,23%300320
201015001536+ 20,09%350360
201120001965+ 27,93%350397
201230002062+ 4,94%400418
201326001801- 12,65%400450
201420003648+ 102,54%470879
201540003810+ 4,44%800805

The future ahead

Some of the new things scheduled for implementation.

  • Allow users to login with Facebook and / or Google credentials
  • Integrate Paypal payments, without redirecting our customers to Paypal's website

As always, you are invited to send us your own suggestions.