Monetary System


Circulating Coins
1 złoty (pl. złote/złotych) = 100 groszy (sing. grosz)

Polish Mintmark

złote: 1, 2, 5 / groszy: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50

On the 1st April 1994 the State Mint was transformed into the Company of the public purse and on the 6th February 1998 the Stock and Exchange Committee admitted the State Mint's stocks to turnover. Since the 7th April 1998 the State Mint Plc in Warsaw is quoted on the stock market.

Today's Mint is the picture of modern production plant being engaged not only in strictly minting production (coins, medals, decorations, seals, date markers) but also in precious metal peocessing (gold, platinum, palladium, iridium, rhodium) for the needs of optics and electronics, in the production of gold and platinum paints for glass and pocelain decoration, of half-finished products for jeweller's trade and of laboratory equipment, in recovering of precius metals from scraps, in production of precious metal powers for electronic industry and gold powder for polychromy. Since 1989 the Mint has the licence for economic activity on the field of precious metal processing and trading, as well as it is entitled for domestic and foreign trade.

It should be noted, that the 5-zloty two-coloured coin minted by the Polish Mint, has been recognised in 1996 by the international forum of mint's directors, as the most technically advanced circulating coin in the world.

For further information, contact the Polish State Mint plc., 21 Pereca Str., 00-958 Warsaw, exchange (+4822) 656 40 00; fax (+4822) 620 52 52, e-mail: mennica@mennica.com.pl.